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David Dimitri has developed many products over the years to improve balancing capabilities.  Some of his products are available for purchase here.


The FUNAMBOLO is much more than a fitness device. Physically, it helps you optimize your motor skills and speed up your reaction times in movements. Mentally, it aids in improving your concentration abilities and is also suitable for meditative training – because the calm balancing on the FUNAMBOLO will help you find your physical and mental center, boosting your self-confidence and trust in your body’s abilities. For the first time, the FUNAMBOLO simulates the spring properties of a stretched tightrope, serving the training of body motor skills and conveying body balance. Made of flexible wooden slats and a flexible fiberglass rod, the FUNAMBOLO utilizes the spring and torsion properties of beech wood. Simple yet sophisticated, the device has been fully developed and manufactured in Switzerland. The FUNAMBOLO is mostly pre-assembled and is very easy to set up and take down.

CHF 795


The FUNAMBOLINO is the little brother of the FUNAMBOLO and is also proudly made in Switzerland. It offers the same capabilities as the FUNAMBOLO, making it ideal for training motor skills and promoting balance. With its visually appealing and more compact design, it fits well into any living room. It is often used in therapy rooms or playgroups. Balancing on the FUNAMBOLINO contributes to good mood and helps transform inner fatigue into positive energy.

CHF 595

Additional Slats

The slats of the FUNAMBOLO are currently available in two thicknesses: Thickness 2 (15.5 mm) and Thickness 3 (17 mm). By exchanging or rearranging the slats, you can achieve greater or lesser flexibility of the FUNAMBOLO. When replacing slats, ensure that slats of the same thickness are always attached to the spring joints. Each side piece comes with 5 slats installed: two slats of identical thickness are assembled with the spring joint. A spare slat of the same thickness as the two assembled with the spring joint is integrated into the lower part of one side piece.

CHF 15

Additional Rod

Additional rods are available for up to 70kg in gray and above 70kg in black.

CHF 250